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New beginnings

Helping babies and their moms.

Pregnant women and families with newborns during war require special attention and care. Many of them have husbands and fathers active in military with no home. Many babies were born in cellars and bomb shelters. For proper development, children must feel safe and sound and not suffer from hunger and cold. Toys are also essential. For children in the first months of life, toys are one of the main sources of information about the world around them and necessary for cognitive, motor, social and emotional skills development. We and our partners in Ukraine continuedly delivering humanitarian aids to newborns and their families. Since February 24, 2022 Russian missiles struck Ukraine hitting power stations and other critical infrastructure. With partnering charity in Ukraine "Helping Hand" we organized few rooms in Police departments in Poltava where mommies can bring their babies during power outage. These rooms are stocked with formula, medical supplies, diapers and toys.

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