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Kids at Wartime

Emotional and material support to children.

Children in Ukraine are exposed to traumatic circumstances and are in desperate need of care, love and protection. War and children are two incompatible concepts. The most precious time of life is childhood, and the duty of adults is to protect children, ensure their safety, teach, develop the skills given by God, give smiles and joy. We consider it as our immediate duty to support the children of Ukraine in such difficult conditions, to help them learn and develop, to organize events, to give gifts. We pay great attention to international friendship, helping to organize pen pal and scout projects, which contributes to the development of children in both countries in terms of learning cultures and person formation, teaches them to be responsive, attentive and grateful.

We provide assistance to the following categories of families:
◾️Families of military, separated by war
◾️Families with disabled children
◾️Refugee families.
◾️Large families with low income.

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